New accessroy – Voltage Extender Kit

New accessroy – Voltage Extender Kit

Here are some demos:

VoltBot is outputting 36V with the help of a cheap adapter.

Outputting 16.5V to power a Macbook.

Outputting -12V for application of operational amplifier.

Outputting 3.3V8A would suit to most processors’ power-rails.



After you skimmed the demos, here comes the details. This kit consists of three USB gadgets.


The Voltage Lifter works in this way:

The negative converter could convert 5V into -5V or 12V into -12V. The current limit varies from the voltage difference of the output. For example, it is 2A for +5/-5V conversion, but 1A for +12/-12V conversion.

The low voltage converter will cover the low voltage range where VoltBot cannot reach, and providing the strong current capacity to power a processor power-rail, or rate a shorted board under thermal imaging.

It is opening for orders now, you could order it on Indiegogo.


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VoltBot Team

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  1. Jean-Daniel Schwob
    Jan 16, 2020 at 11:29 pm

    Hi Chris, I saw that you took out negative convector, voltagelifter and convect low voltage accessories, how can I get them min 2 of each, what is the catch and if it is possible because on Indiegogo I can’t ?

    thank you