Oops, There is a bad-channel

You could judge the error:

The first line is the channel that has errors.
The second line is the error number:
1. A voltage higher than 2.5V already exists before the channel starts to work, VoltBot is not sure whether this channel is functioning normally. Please check whether the loads has power-sinking protential. If there is no load at all, the channel is probably not working.
Please refer to this page.
2. The lowest voltage (2.5V) cannot be regulated. There might be a ageing components inside the regulator. This error doesn’t mean the channel is totally unusable. It just mean the lowest voltage cannot be reached. You could neglect this error if you doesn’t use the 2.5V at all.
3. A current higher than the maximum current range is detected. The current sensing circuits has glitches or maybe the output has a short point.