New Firmware (Unlock Pulsed Mode)

New Firmware (Unlock Pulsed Mode)

We released a new firmware, whose version number is 08082019 and a new App version.

We have done these modifications in the newest firmware:

1. Pulsed mode.

A new control mode added into the On/Off menu, called Pulsed mode.

VoltBot could now automatically turn on and turn off alternatively to implement a PMW control. The minimum time interval is 0.5 second, and the longest time interval could be as long as ten years.

2. Fast short-protection recovery

Old: Short-protect assertion: 4A, releasing: 1A, recovery speed after de-assertion: 25% of normal.

New: Short-protect assertion: 4A, releasing: 2A, recovery speed after deassertion: 50% of normal.

Now the recovery speed from short protection has doubled and we loosed the confinement of exiting short-protection. This would impact nothing to the DIY user but it would help to repairmen.

3. Bad Mac address

Someone reported the WiFi won’t work under a circumstance there are many WiFi emitters. So we publish this modification to get more time budget for the WiFi module.

4. Lcd flipping

The touch-key reminding cursors is up-side-down after LCD orientation flipped, especially after placing VoltBot into the desktop stand. Fixed.


The App Store has a reviewing period for 48 hours, so the IOS App will be available a little later.


There is a new gadget that will be developed.

We will provide a new USB gadget carrying the power module below to provide 0.8v~3.3V 8A output for repairing purpose.