18-inch Handcrafted Ceramic Hi-Fi Speaker

Already Launched

The world-first unique 18-inch ceramic indoor speaker has been launched on Kickstarter.


Expand Your Ideas of styles to any space

designed with One purpose

Truely-reproduced music evokes memories that have faded away

Technology is for easily using

Hard baffle

The baffle minimizes mechanical vibrations and the diffraction of sound waves, to create a more honest reproduction of sound and improved off-axis frequency response.

No port on the baffle (i.e. infinity structure) means no artifact (ghost echo). Infinity structure is sealed airtight and will kill all internal waves to gain the highest definition.


Infinite Baffle

Bass frequencies

In order to get the best frequency response for deepest bass (more vivid), we choose the paper pulp cone and small coil to achieve the best 30-40Hz performance.


One of the hardest materials ever produced by man. Crystalized structure and high quality factor. Perfect performance to build a baffle.
But hard to machining. Nobody uses such luxury material to build baffles before.

HD Bluetooth 5.0

Connect all your devices with one-click.
QualComm Inside.

App integration

Allows you to mux the input among 3 spdif, 3 tos-link, 3 analog and the bluetooth.

silly comm.jpg

Larger size of the speaker allows more long-wavelength sound to physically surpass the aperture fromed by the baffle so that you get the best bass quality.

silly comm11.jpg

other things you might be wondering about

Bass capability 




There is not such a thing as having  so many options.... 

20 + designs for choice


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