Configuration page cannot be opened

As we begin, please make sure that you connect the right WiFi hotspot “VoltBot”.

If it opened a fake site (, you should clear your browsing history. Here is a how-to for iPhone and for Android Phone.

And then, please check there is “http://” in address field instead of “https://” in it.

Now you can try to re-open in web-browser again. If it still fails, you should take a look at the IP address in order to check whether you have acquired the right IP address.

For different kinds of phones, you might press on area 1, 2, or long-press on 3, to watch current IP address. The IP address should be like 1.1.1.x (x can be any number, usually it is 2 or 3).
If the IP address is correct, you can confidently open web-browser and surf “” (Please note that it is “http:” not “https:”)