VoltBot is dead or heats extremely

This is usually due to a certain channel has been damaged, and a short-circuit is there.

If you have a multi-meter, you are able to test some points to find out which channel is bad. If you don’t have it, directly apply replacement from us.

First, disconnect all devices, and test the resistance between + and – of 4 outputs, it should greater than 5K.
Second, test the resistance between + of input and + of 4 outputs, it should greater than 5K.
If in any of these 8 tests you find the resistance drops to 0 (short-circuit). It means the channel is corrupted.
In this situation the VoltBot is repairable. But we recommend replacing all 8 chips in all 4 channels.
You could refer to this article to locate the chips and find ways how to repair.

If you find no short-circuit during the 8 tests, directly apply replacement from us and the VoltBot couldn’t be repaired by simple means.