False Touch Key (Beeps unpredictably)

Touch-key become uncontrollabe. It acts like touched while no touch action at all.

There are multiple reasons that cause it.

1. Object Triggered

2. Radio Frequency Triggered

3. Noise on the power-line triggered.

Here is a video demoing the previous 2 reason. And here is the solutions:

1. We put the touch key disabled in normal state. Only after the side-key is pressed, the touch-key will come back for 10 seconds waiting for inputs. If the side-key double-pressed, the screen on/off function will remain. To get this solution, update the firmware, it is ready in the newest firmware.

2. Radio Frequency Noise damps rapidly as the distance to the source increase. So just put VoltBot a little longer if there are suspicious noise source nearby.

3. EMI filter is efficient in damping noise on power-line. If you are obsessed with conductive noise on the power-line, you could applicate a free one it on our site: www.sillycomm.com/sillycomm/voltbot2. The EMI filter is free for application, but we might ask you to donate $5 for the shipping.