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VoltBot will give you interesting interactive charging experience. VoltBot Pro will further provide adjustable DC power supply.

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VoltBot is next-generation visual quick charger. VoltBot provides you with visualization on charging status, and opens your gate to understand charging process. VoltBot is full-compatible with Android and iOS devices. VoltBot can simulate QuickCharge and PumpExpress mode for Android phones, and Apple 2.4A mode for Apple phones. With these simulation, VoltBot can accelerate maximal 75% charging speed. Multi-channel output enable you to share spare ports with your friend. All four individual channel can be flexibly adjusted by APP. Power curves demonstrated on APP will tell you how much power your phone charged.

Features Details

1. LCD


VoltBot provides visual charging technology:

  • Display dynamic charging voltage, current.
  • Display real-time charging speed(power circle).
  • Display quick charging state.
  • Display history charging data, power curve.

It is quite exciting to watch electricity streaming into your devices. Never suffer from poor contact or damaged cable again.

2. APP

VoltBot provides APP – VoltRobot. With APP, you can observe charging curves, knowning quantized actual battery capacity of your phone.


Another function of APP is setting-up VoltBot. You can switch modes, quick charge simulations of each four channel with APP. You can also set backlight, screen flipping and other system settings through the APP.

VoltBot broadcast its own Wi-Fi hotspot. Don’t worry about Internet connection, It’s not essential.

3. Web Page

VoltBot is powerful, it embeds a page server inside. This feature eables you access VoltBot with multiple devices such as PC and get rid of APP installation. With this server, we guarantee your VoltBot will work 100 years later, and can be accessed globaly.


VoltBot is a quick charger, which provides 4 independent charging channels. Each channel can be assigned to a specific mode. It supports 3 different quick charging mode, including Qualcomm QC2.0 mode, MTK mode, and Apple 2.4A mode. With these simulation, VoltBot can accelerate your charging speed up to 70~75%.

Estimate speed ups: (examples, not all listed)

  • iPhone6+/6s+/7+ can speed up 70% than original charger.
  • iPhone6s can speed up 30% than original charger.
  • Samsung s6/7 can speed up 75% than non quickcharge charger.

1. Compability


Traditional charging technology:

  • No uniform charging standard, too many charger in home.
  • No compatibility. Mixing use of different brands cannot reach best charging effect.

VoltBot Compatible Solutions:

  • Full support Android devices.
  • Full support of Apple devices.
  • Full support of other phones, such as BlackBerry, Moto, HTC, Nokia and Windows Phone.
  • Full support of other devices, such as PAD, PDA, mp3, Bluetooth earphone, bracelet, watch and cigarette lighter.

VoltBot is optimized for phones, but it maintains compatibility. Its Android 1A mode is a universal mode, ensuring all cellphones, mp3, PDA or other devices able to enter charging sequence.

2. Safety

Safety Description
Human VoltBot adopts DC as input, so it is absolutely safe to human, even you tear it apart.
Devices VoltBot has four high-speed DC-DC engine inside. Its regulated output is quite steady, benefitting device’s health.
Desktop VoltBot adopts DC as input. It safe from water spilled from cup and surges from electricity grid.
Bad Cable You can detect cable damage and loose contact, right from the current value displayed on LCD.
Charging You can choose charging scheme freely: high speed or low speed. If you have doubts with quick charge, VoltBot offers you choices.

VoltBot integrates self-powered USB Hub, which can well manage the high power consumption equipment (such as portable hard drive, CD disk drive and etc.), meanwhile providing stable link. VoltBot is specially designed for desktop space, especially as organizer for wires, solving all charging and USB communication labor, stretching maximum reachable length.


Phone separates people, VoltBot get them together. Share your spare charge ports with your friends. Interwork with your colleagues face-to-face along with Internet media. Hold an online group meeting with other groups. Play online game with your playmates, discuss your strategy and share you laughs and tears.



Increase your tastes. Share your port with your friend. Charge your multiple devices simultaneously. It is nasty to store more and more chargers of more and more devices.


Digital media browsing, Mobile Net Surfing, Mobile Games. It is comfortable play a cooperative game pretty hard with your friends, never concerning power breakdown.


Online meeting, Mobile interworking, Management on Phone. People handles more and more works on mobile phone nowadays. People start to crowd at one desk, each grabbing a phone, especially in meeting room.


Attracts visitors. Low cost decoration that has great effects. Increase degree of satisfaction. Social responsibility. VoltBot has a bracket fastening screw to fix it on desk.


Volt-Bot Pro brings you into a world of physics hobby and electronics’ DIY. It has two modes. Charger Mode contains all functions of Volt-Bot and DC Supply Mode further provides adjustable DC power supply. Under DC Supply Mode, DC voltage within range from 2.50V to 12.50V can be synthesized to power your toys and home-made circuit. Realtime current printed on LCD and power curves monitored by APP helps you to analyze gadgets’ working condition and healthy. In a word, VoltBot Pro plays ideal role of powering electronic gadgets.

Features Details

1. Smart Power Supply


VoltBot Pro is a smart DC Power Supply. It has 4 independent output channel. Each channel has a high speed digital power engine inside. High-speed power engine provides output of low ripple and fast transient. The efficency of each power engine is optimized, to achieve low self-heat and high stability. Maximum 4 ampere load capacity is garanteed on each channel. And it is able to use VoltBot Pro just the way same as traditional DC power supply with convertors converting USB plug-in into dual-screw jacks or banana jacks.

Realtime voltage and current is printed on LCD. Power curves can be read with APP, to analyze battery capacity, standby power consumption and device working condition.

2. Easy to setup


You can use APP or web-browser to switch Charger Mode and DC Supply Mode easily. Beneath DC Supply Mode, VoltBot Pro is always ready to output any voltage exactly as you tapped-in.


The volume of VoltBot is only 3% of the traditional one. It鈥檚 portable and saves a lot of desktop space. VoltBot Pro provides a perfect solution for common user: electronic fans, DIY makers, and students.


To build up an experiment comprised with serveral electronic gadgets, one big trouble is that different gadget requires different power input. No matter your gadgets need 2.5V, 3.3V, 4.2V, 5V, 6V, 9V and 12V, VoltBot Pro would be their best mates.


VoltBot Pro has Wi-Fi connection, which can be accessed globally by PC, PDA, Pads, or Embedded System etc. Status and control of every power channel can be accessed remotely.

VoltBot Pro also has a UART interface, you can directly embed VoltBot Pro into in-field system as a module, controlling it with your MCU, FPGA, PLC and industrial controller.

Multi-connection interfaces make VoltBot Pro capable of advanced application.


DIYers and Electronic Fans

In place of adapters in DIY action of electronic gadgets.

Engineers and Geekers

Use VoltBot generate DC power when do board prototyping. Adopt VoltBot into hardware system to generate dynamic voltage or monitor current consumption. Monitor and test systems in-far-field, with VoltBot connected into Internet.

Maintenance Workers

VoltBot is small, it can save much workspace. VoltBot has multi-channel output, can be used to repair multiple devices simultaneously.

Students and Educators

As VoltBot adopts DC power as inputs, it is safe for children to do experiments of physics, such as powering an LED. In LED experiment, VoltBot provides a very intuitive way to observe the relationship between numeric value of current and magnitude of brightness.


After power-on, a Wi-Fi hotspot named VoltBot will appear in wireless list.


Visit web site:


Press the button “Output”. As charging iPhone 7 plus, we set channel 4 to Apple 2.4A mode for demostration.


Press channel 4, then press charger, then press Apple 2.4A. Click Submit.


Connect iPhone 7 plus into channel 4, charging port side.


1.Draft of Appearance; 2.Parts to assembly; 3.PCB developing; 4.Charging test.

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Risks and challenges


Now we have ordered & tested manufacture prototype. The first demo has run stablely over one three months. Pilot manufacturing is in progress. We are confident that your kindness will be fully redounded.

APP of Android is ready. APP of IOS platform is devoloping, and may delay some time due to examination & verification process from AppStore.


We鈥檝e done our very best to forecast demand and create a solid production plan according to advises from Gadget Labs. We have designated and confirmed several factories around Shenzhen as backup options.
First orders will be shipped within one month after funding ends.


Our LCD manufacture has fixed ability of 5K/month.
We promise to keep funder informed about manufacturing progress.


VoltBot are guaranteed for 12 months, from date of shippment, providing not damaged by the user.


Chao Zhen form YouTrue made first part of the video, and Jin Sha from YOUKE made the second. Both of them are fans of VoltBot, and their contribution is part-volunteered.

Young and Szt, thanks for your enthusiasm and completely-volunteered labor. You are truly the fundamental funder.